Say goodbye to getting burned by hot wax, experiencing unpleasant chemical smells, and feeling pain. Feel good in your skin once again with the ancient art of sugaring.

It’s cleaner and gentler than waxing, plus it is all-natural and will not harm your skin. Less painful and more efficient than other methods, sugaring removes the hair in its natural growth direction unlike wax that removes the hair against its growth pattern.

This minimizes regrowth and conditions skin at the same time.



Ingredients you can pronounce…

What does that mean for you? Smooth, sexy skin. At Bodiologie, we believe that the world should be free of the harsh influences of chemicals and ingredients you just can’t pronounce.
You deserve the best for your body and skin. Water, lemon, and sugar? It doesn’t get much more natural than that!

Feeling a little shy? Don’t be! We’re a body-positive studio, and our focus is on giving you the absolute best Hair Removal experience possible. Feel good in your skin.