q: What is body sugaring?

A: Body sugaring is an ancient hair removal practice using an all-natural paste made of sugar, water, and lemon. The consistency is similar to a thick honey. The sugar paste is applied to the skin against the direction of growth and is quickly “flicked” off in the direction of growth to remove the hair.

q: How long will the results last?

A: Everyone is different, but you will see minimal regrowth during the first 3 to 4 weeks, with a noticeable increase afterward. If you usually shave, it will take a few sessions to achieve long-lasting results. Regular, continued sugaring encourages slower, sparser regrowth and will eventually lead to permanent reduction in density of hair if appointments are correctly spaced.

q: What does a Brazilian include?

A: The Smooth Operator Brazilian removes everything from the pubic area, bikini area, labia, and between the cheeks.

q: How do I prepare for my appointment?

A: Ensure the area/areas you are getting sugared are clean and free from lotions, oils, and deodorants. If you’re getting a Bikini or Brazilian, we recommend that you wear cotton panties for the hours after service to avoid irritation to the newly sugared skin.

q: How often should I be sugared?

A: To maintain that clean, smooth, and sexy feeling, we recommend that you come in every 4 weeks. Your hair will become thinner and more sparse.

q: I’m on my period. Can I still get sugared?

A:Yes, although you may be more sensitive a few days before and during your period. Some clients find that it helps to take an anti-inflammatory painkiller about 30 minutes prior to their session. Just wear a fresh tampon and tuck in the string before we start and you will be just fine.

q: How long does the hair need to be?

A: Did you know that sugaring removes hair at a shorter length than waxing?

We require that the hair be at least ⅛ of an inch long or have 2 to 3 weeks of outgrowth to ensure successful removal. Waxing, on the other hand, requires at least ¼” of hair for wax to pick it up. If you have been shaving , its best to wait at least 2.5 weeks after your last shave before coming in for your sugaring. This will ensure you have enough hair and will give your a better smoother result.

q: Can I get sugared while I am pregnant?

A: We often get asked this question and the answer is yes!... We have many pregnant women who come to us because sugaring is the gentler option as our sugar is 100% natural, consisting of just lemon, sugar, and water. You may want to double check with your doctor, as you are likely going through other hormonal changes, and can be a bit more sensitive. We would love to take care of you during your pregnancy, and if you still have any questions, just as us- we'd be happy to answer them for you!

q: My skin is sensitive can I still get sugared?

Sugaring is a wonderful option for those of us with sensitive skin. It’s made from all-natural ingredients and is much gentler on the skin, making it an overall more comfortable and gentler experience than other hair removal methods.



Here are a few tips to KEEP your skin
smooth, ingrown free and healthy after your 
treatment at Bodiologie.




NO TOUCHING - We know it’s hard since it feels so
smooth, but try not to touch the freshly sugared area
with your hands for the first 24 hours. Your freshly
sugared areas will be more susceptible to the bacteria
that your hands may carry and it could lead to an
infection of your hair follicles. We promise it’ll be
worth it to keep your hands off for just a bit.

ACTIVITY - Your skin is extremely sensitive the first
24 hours after your treatment so avoid sun tanning/sun
beds, saunas/super hot showers, working out or any
activities that will cause excessive sweating for the
first 12-24 hours.

SIMPLE IS BEST - Try to avoid using products with
chemicals and additives for 24-48 hours after
treatment. These products may cause an adverse
reaction after hair removal, depending on the
sensitivity of your skin. Avoid Exfoliants, scrubs,
and loofahs for the first two days after your
sugaring. This includes products that contain acids
such as glycolic, salicylic and AHA's. You can start
your exfoliation routine about 2-3 days
after your sugaring treatment.